Testing amber

There are lots of happens that you buy an item created from amber plus it developed into fake. Such case it’s always important to select the right boutique before purchasing and don’t buy amber from merchants about the street. In Russia if you’d like to make it a point in quality you should to contact with professional consultants on the company Elephant. Desire to save time? Then try through their webpage Amberholding. They can be presence in excess of 3000 products from Baltic amber! But what to do for people who don’t want to hitting the ground with specialists or thinking about buying amber beads or necklaces in another boutique?


Many buyers are led astray by the color of the stone. Evidently a proper Sunstone may have not merely the typical Golden yellow hue but in addition pale orange, white, yellow, green, cherry red, brown lightly and in many cases blue. Fear not that isn’t an indicator!

Taking the merchandise take with them a form of wool fabric. If it is possible rub the stone by using it and then bring your hair for it: if you see the attraction then its natural amber.

Pay attention to all your other worries: real amber is always warm and light.

Experts from Elephant boutique from Svetlogorsk says that under any circumstances it should not be cold. In addition it is especially uneven naturally when untreated so the finished products also can have cracks and flaws, the remains of crusts this just speaks about its naturalness.

You should definitely run through the amber at the sun. If you see a slight glow-feel liberated to pay! You’ve got obtained a quality product.

Don’t ignore the salt water. It will dispel any doubts. Dip a stone into the liquid watching it. Go to the bottom? Then this really is fake.

And also the last way is an ultraviolet flashlight. For plastic and a piece of amber shining all at once UV flashlight you might immediately start to see the difference: the plastic will continue to be a great piece and amber will likely be highlighted blue being a Moonstone.